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University of New England


 Security Dept


Personel employed as UNE security officers

from 1964 to 1998

 Early Days  Yeoman Bedell's  Rostered Staff  Office Staff

The history of the UNE Security Dept in pictures

 Gowning Around Staff Fairwells  Xmass times  Odd stuff 

Some Individual Pics

 Len & Neville Bob & David Paul & Rod
Brenda-Len-Peter Michael McRae Eddie Hahn
Hahn (eating again) Len-Ted-Daryl  Ted Poulter
Alison Shirley Sheedy Paul-Ted-John
Daryl & John Bob-John-Daryl Paul
Doug Lincoln-Len Allan Birkhill Mick 

Hope you like what I've done here and if ya dont......heheheh,..... stiff.

Thanks go to the late Ted Poulter for all the names above.

Some start and finish dates are not known, but if anyone can fill the gaps, it would be much appreciated.

E-mail any more info to me